Hina, the goddess of the moon to Hawaiian & other Pacific islanders, traveled on the Rainbow Path to the sun, and then to the moon where she lives forever. Hina is my line of duvet covers and quilts. Welcome to my site!

Originally from Hawaii, I am influenced by the plants and traditional motifs of the islands. I collect and use interesting textiles from all over the world and draw from many influences such as Japanese, Art Deco, Amish, African, African-American, and other Polynesian styles. I create one-of-a-kind pieces of my own design and often incorporate my clients' ideas or fabrics along with my own. Designs can be either simple or complex, and use both hand sewing and machine work. Many of my pieces feature hand-sewn, appliquéd motifs.

Materials are 100% cotton, including the quilt batting. Duvet covers are designed to look like quilts with the easy care of machine washing, and they are finished with buttons. Duvet covers are sewn with an overlock machine and will withstand years of machine washing.

Quilts, duvet covers (full, queen & king), baby quilts and flannel baby blankets are available by custom order. Prices for full-size quilts and duvets start at $350, with more detailed pieces starting at about $650. Baby quilts are about $200 and up; flannel baby blankets $50.

My studio is in San Francisco. I'm fortunate that my work has made it to many places around the world, and I've sewn lots and lots of pieces.

Please email me for more information at holly@hinadesigns.com. Thank you for your interest!

Holly Ames
San Francisco, California